Apple Privacy App

DESCRIPTION A collaboration with Stanford’s d.School and Apple’s Legal Team. Our goal was to create an interactive prototype for a native privacy application to educate and engage users about Apple’s privacy policies. MY ROLE + DELIVERABLES Design Mentor and Interactive Prototype Designer.  We delivered an Interactive Prototype of concept to Apple’s Legal Team. METHODS Survey Design, Usability Testing, Remote Team Collaboration,  Sketching, Team Brainstorming, Rapid Prototyping, Interactive… Read more →

The Vera Project Redesign

DESCRIPTION A branding redesign for The Vera Project all ages music venue in Seattle, Washington. MY ROLE + DELIVERABLES Individual Project, Visual Designer. We were tasked with creating an entire visual design system consisting of a logo, business card, 2 web pages, and 2 mobile pages that were presented in a style guide. METHODS Client Relations, Sketching, Rapid Prototyping, Visual Design, Interactive Prototyping TOOLS, Adobe InDesign,… Read more →

MedMem Medication Management System

DESCRIPTION We researched and designed a prototype of a medication management system for individuals with mild cognitive impairment (TBI and Alzheimer’s). MY ROLE + DELIVERABLES One of four UX Designers on the team.  Deliverables included physical prototype of concept which included customizable pill boxes, portable reminder system, and a medication journal. METHODS User Research, Contextual Interviews, Subject Matter Expert Interviews, Design Requirements, Personas, Sketching, Usability Testing, Empathy Testing, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Modeling &… Read more →

RunSafe Path Illumination Device

DESCRIPTION Running outside in the dark winter months can be dangerous. Using the User Centered Design process, we created a a prototype for a wearable path limitation device. MY ROLE + DELIVERABLES One of three UX Designers on the team, also acted as PM.  Delivered Low Fidelity Prototype of concept. METHODS User Research, Contextual Interviews, Field Observations, Personas, Usability Testing, Sketching, Survey Design, Storyboarding, Task Analysis, Rapid Prototyping, Paper Prototyping, 3D Modeling,… Read more →

Urban Death Project

DESCRIPTION We conducted a Value Sensitive Design (VSD) Analysis of the natural burial process with a focus on The Urban Death Project proposed building in Seattle, Washington. MY ROLE + DELIVERABLES One of three designers on the team, I created the video, created the survey, and . METHODS VSD Analysis, Video, Storytelling, Survey Design, Sketching, Policy Analysis, Design Recommendations. TOOLS Qualtrix, MS… Read more →

CPAP Data Visualization

DESCRIPTION This was the final project for a Data Visualization class.  Our group created a data visualization tool for individuals to use with the CPAP machine data. MY ROLE + DELIVERABLES One of three UX Designers with one UX Researcher, also acted as PM for the project.  Delivered interactive web-based prototype of CPAP data visualization. METHODS Survey Design, Usability Testing, Contextual Interviews, Card Sort, Sketching,… Read more →

Freemium Bus Project

DESCRIPTION This was the final project for an Interactive Design Class that was focused on addressing Seattle’s public transportation challenges.  Our team addressed the Orca payment system and created a new bus concept to financially support our payment system. MY ROLE + DELIVERABLES One of four designers on the team.  Our deliverables included a presentation of our research, introduction of bus concept, and the accompaning mobile application to support our… Read more →

Fit Shirt Prototype

DESCRIPTION The fit shirt is a functional prototype that communicates to users which cardio zone they are currently in.  The shirt monitors the heart rate and the lights change colors based on aerobic or anaerobic activity levels. MY ROLE + DELIVERABLES Designer and developer.  Delivered Fully interactive and functional prototype. METHODS Sketching, Programming, Sewing, Prototyping. TOOLS Arduino, various other tech gadgets… Read more →

One Bus Away Trip Planner

DESCRIPTION This was one of my first projects in HCDE for an Interactive Systems Design Class.  We learned Python programming language and work with APIs.  I created a Trip Planner using the Google Maps and One Bus Away APIs.  Our focus was on the functional aspect of the tool, not the visual presentation. MY ROLE + DELIVERABLES Individual project, I was the developer and… Read more →